Other) so i could not understand why this dr was threatening me like this.. Though i do believe that payment incentives played a big part of it. I decided to go to a private dr who told me my son did have an undescended testicle but could live a perfectly happy life with one health descended tesis, would father children with one working testicle and the risk of cancer in my sons case (because the testicle is not in the abdomen) is a 2- whereas a male with both testicles descended would be a 1. He said the chance is still very slim but the op needs doing. *shakes head* back to the woman dr at the nhs. She told me my sons testicle was not movable out of the groin... She shown me where it was.. Hmmm it was in the middle of the groin, between the top of the scrotum and the pelvis bone. She stated it could not be brought into the ball bag. A few weeks later i received a copy of the letter she sent to my sons health visitor stating i agreed to the op (like * did i) and that it was a pleasure meeting me (ha yeah ok) and that my boys testicle was difficult to bring into the scrotum... Again, another lie since she told me it couldnt be moved at all. After receiving this letter i decided to look at his testicle myself- as i was once adviced from the first dr my son saw, to try and manipulate the teste into the scrotum to help it drop... So i get the cream out and i feel for his testi.. I managed to get the testicle to go from the middle of the groin to the very top of the scrotum- upon feeling from the scrotum i could feel it slightly inside the bag, although it did spring out when i took my fingers off. Im so so confused. I booked the private op for oct 5th and i really dont want my son to have it because i do have this condition in my family, i have known from my father that it has not yet caused any problems and from my sons uncle, it dropped aged 8- also, the differences in stories from the drs is making me wonder if they just want to operate on my son for the ''sake'' of it... Almost like they're ''following a trend'' if that makes sense. viagra without a doctor prescription generic viagra online viagra online buy viagra online viagra for sale buy generic viagra generic viagra online viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription viagra without a doctor prescription The only reason i agreed to let the private dr book the op is because the one at the nhs basically threatened me. I cannot believe she had the gall to speak.

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